T.G. McCary

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Kay Barker, Brookhaven, MS

"You have the finest gift for photography that I've ever seen! The entire experience is so special. You made my grandchildren, and me, feel like we were your favorite subjects ever..something that I suspect every one of your clients feel! If we hadn't gotten a single good picture it would have been a wonderful experience, but when your photos literally take a grandmothers breath away , well, there's no describing it. All I can say is. "It's a Tim McCary thing..." Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Brandy Smith, Brookhaven, MS

"Portrait time, no questions asked to as who we will use. For the past 14 years, Tim's work has captured memories in many ways that words will never express. He is truly a master at his craft and exceeds a passion for his art. I am blessed to say I have several of his masterpieces in my home. Thanks again for the precious memories, not only being the greatest photographer, but an awesome friend. "

Lauren Jones, Natchez, MS

"I have known Tim's work my entire life, being born and raised in Natchez, MS. Through the years he has made my parents both cry and laugh when he has captured my life's special moments. From the age of about 4, I have been entertained by Tim and his funny sayings and expressions to get reactions from me to make the perfect portrait! Today, Tim brings tears to my eyes every time I see my beautiful portraits of my daughter, Zoe. There was no decision about who I was going to ask to do mother-daughter portrait. After my experiences, I will always trust Tim to capture the moments of my daughter's life with his new ideas and techniques. "

The Lairds, Natchez, MS

"Dicky and I just want to say thank you , for once again creating a masterpiece. Sophie's portrait is so beautiful. We have been so greatly blessed with three beautiful granddaughters and now we have the third portrait hanging in our home. The portraits are such a treasure for us to enjoy. We are grateful for the personal touch and detail we see in each one. It means so much to know you love what you do as much as we do. You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us."

Hope Carr, Brookhaven, MS

"I have sat and stared at these beautiful pieces of art on my walls for hours ever since I got them. I can not even describe how I feel when I look at Charlie Ann's painterly portrait. It is beyond beautiful. And the one of them together could not be any more perfect. I can not get enough of them. When I decided to come to you for portraits it was because I knew I would get beautiful portraits, but I could have never imagined getting these masterpieces. They are so beautiful and I feel so blessed to have them! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into what you do. You truly have a gift in the way that you are able to catch the beauty in every child. When your camera winks it captures a moment in time that is truly priceless. As a mother watching the way you work (play) with my children meant the world to me. Your love for what you do truly shows in every moment you capture! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!"

Sara Beth Gregory, Shreveport, LA

"I do not even have words to express how IN LOVE I am with Allie Grace's portraits! Mine and Mom's are SO perfect in their totally different ways! Thank you so much for giving us these precious treasures that our family will pass down forever! I gave them to Chad for Father's Day ( like you suggested ), and he could not help but cry. So, again, THANK YOU!! I can't wait to have a house full of kiddos AND their portraits!"

The Brashers, Meadville, MS

"We are what Tim calls transitional. Our children's first portraits were created by TG McCary 14-15 years ago. The Oldest, Tori was maybe 10 years old, Kate 5 and Matt barely 2. Then again 2 years later he captured the changes they had gone through. Finally, after 3 more years, the entire family. That setting on the Mighty Mississippi still completes an entire wall at home. When both girls turned 16 years old there was only one person we trusted for those memories. Then there were the girls senior portraits and the latest as Matt turns 16 years old. It's no surprise that with Tori planning her wedding, she is already talking with Tim, making plans with his latest innovative ideas. So yes, transitional, but with each turn, there are those moments frozen by his camera's wink and enjoyed all over again."

Fayla Guedon, Natchez, MS

"When I decided that it was time to have our family portrait made, there was no question which photographer I was going to choose. With T.G. McCary, I never worry about the quality of the portrait I will receive. My husband, Noble, farms for a living so we thought, what a better place to have our family portrait made in one of our rice fields. Tim was more than willing to accomodate us by traveling to the location of our choice. He worked so well with our children and made it a fun experience for everyone. Our beautifully framed masterpiece is incredible and something we will cherish for a lifetime."

Kristi Watts, Brookhaven, MS

"Professional photographs of my children rank at the top of important things in my home. But until I discovered T.G. McCary Photography in 2005, I did not know what professional portraits really were. I have used many other photographers locally and am disappointed due to either service or quality each time. T.G.McCary practices the highest standard of professionalism in photography and cares to get to know his subjects so that he can capture who they are. He makes you feel as though you are his only client. My children speak to me through their expressions in his portraits of them. These beautiful works of art are the jewels that embelish my home and are worth far more in my heart than any furniture or wall painting I could ever have purchased. Thanks so much, Tim, for giving me the happiness that these portraits bring. I truly adore them! Thanks for helping me "let them be little" through the rest of their lives!"



"The portraits of my two sons are unique and beautiful. Your artistic abilities capture a special moment in my family's life. Thanks Tim for becoming part of our family with your awesome gift of photography."



Erin K. Shields, Sunnyside, NY

"As a singer and actress living in New York City, I've worked with many great photographers, yet none of them possess the skill or creativity to bring a portrait to life like T.G. McCary. The experience far surpassed my greatest expectations. I was completely taken by the way he can capture the soul of an individual on camera, all the while creating an ambiance unique to the personality of each subject. His portraits are truly a work of art."



Lisa Flattmann, Natchez, MS

"Most homes have their walls decorated with art from artists they will never meet and subjects they do not know. My walls are adorned with elaborate frames portraying the most beautiful subjects captured in ways only an artist can display,chronicling a lifetime of moments and memories. The only art I display in my home is by a distinguished local artist and of the subjects I love-my children. Thanks,Tim for your magnificient masterpieces in our home."



Jeffery Clark, Madison, MS

"Our family portrait is gorgeous. We have been sending your web-page link all over the country showing off our portrait. It looks great on our wall. I have titled the portrait 'The Richest Man in the World' for obvious reasons!"




Jinger Morrison, Harrisonburg, LA